FUEL TANK ( TS EN 12285 )

Yunus Makina fuel-oil tanks are used for secure storage of flammable petroleum substances such as fuel-oil, diesel oil and mineral oil.

At the industrial facilities and heating systems where fuel-oil used, the serpentines of heating serpentine opt into the devices are produced by using drawn seamed steel tube (PN 6). The thermal effect is increased by sheet metal cover on heating tube. It is convenient to use hot water, superheated water and superheated steam as heating fluid.

Contamination, water, dregs and mud pile up at the bottom of the tank over time and this result in the clogging of the fuel oil tracks and filters later on. For these kinds of problems, at the upper and on the front parts of the device there are manhole covers used for cleaning. 

Cylindrical and curved tanks made by ST-37 quality material can be produced at the material thickness standards set by TSE either underground or above ground.

The tank serpentine and  trunk are checked for necessary pressure tests and controls. Upon request, devices produced with supporting trestle are delivered after two-coat antirust paint against corrosion.  

The devices produced are projectized up to TS EN 12285 - 1 - 2 standards and are suitable for the items 412-100, 412-300 and 412-400 that appear in the unit price booklet.